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Town of Sullivan's Island
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Town of Sullivan's Island

Town Council Minutes

  • Minutes of Town Council meetings are not available until approval by formal vote of Council.  Therefore, meeting minutes are normally posted after approval the following month.


 Meeting Minutes Made Available for Posting to Date


Regular meetings of Town Council are held the third Tuesday in every month at 6:00 PM at Town Hall located at 2056 Middle Street.   

MARCH 26, 2018 (Special Session: Funding for Wastewater Treatment Plant Retrofit)
APRIL 9, 2018 (Special Session:  Wastewater Treatment Plant Retrofit; Revenue Bonds) 
APRIL 17, 2018 (Regular Session)
APRIL 27, 2018 (Special Session:  FY19 Gen Fund Budget; FY19 Water/Sewer Budget: Personnel Item)
MAY 7, 2018 (Special Session: First Reading Ord 2018-01, FY19 Water/Sewer Budget; 
First Reading Ord 2018-02, FY19 Gen Fund Budget)
MAY 15, 2018  (Regular Session)
JUNE 4, 2018 (Public Hearing: FY19 Gen Fund Budget; FY19 Water/Sewer Budget; Issue Installment Purchase Revenue Bonds)
JUNE 4, 2018 (Special Council: Ord 2018-3, Issuance of SI Public Facilities Corp Installment Purchase Revenue Bonds, etc.)
JUNE 19, 2018  (Regular Session)
JULY 2, 2018  (Special Session: potential Z.O. changes regarding non-conforming uses & structures)
JULY 17, 2018 (Regular Session)
AUGUST 6, 2018 (Special Session: legal advice regarding Protected Land)
AUGUST 21, 2018 (Regular Session)
SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 (Special Session: Poe Ave-Citadel Sewer Line Award; Fire/Rescue Pumper Purchase)  
SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 (Regular Session) - Cancelled due to H. Florence (rescheduled)
SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 (Regular Session) - Rescheduled from September 17, 2018 (H. Florence storm)
OCTOBER 16, 2018 (Regular Session)
NOVEMBER 20, 2018 (Regular Session)
DECEMBER 18, 2018  (Regular Session)





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