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Mayor's Greeting

Mayor Pat O'Neil

As published in the Island Eye News on December 16, 2016

Dear Island Neighbors,

I bet you are pursuing your Christmas shopping and holiday preparations at warp speed!  Hopefully you will have many chances after (or despite!) the annual rushing around to enjoy the special feel of our Island during this time of year.

At our 26th annual holiday Fire Station Lighting event earlier this month, we had a fantastic performance by the very energetic Wando High School Chorus of more than 200 singers.  Thanks to them and their directors and supporters!

Thanks also to our Fire Department staff and our Fire and Rescue volunteers for all they do to produce this event. And remember that includes many hours spent erecting the decorations and then many more hours taking them down.

Check out the new display features this year, including those on the new Town Hall.


With Christmas Day and New Year’s Day on Sundays, holiday observances can be a little less obvious.  Our Town Hall offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Friday, December 23 through Tuesday, December 27 and for the New Year holiday on Monday, January 2.  As always, essential services will be staffed.  Non-emergency police calls should be directed to (843) 743-7200 and emergency fire, police and rescue calls should go to 911.

Our Town Council monthly workshop, usually the first Monday of the month, will be on January 9, at the usual time of 6PM.



As you know, even with today’s less predictable weather and generally temperate weather, we are still subject to periods of freezing weather.  If the freeze is severe enough,it only takes one busted pipe in your attic to ruin your day, not to mention your ceiling, furniture, floor, etc. (For a vivid demonstration of the power of freezing water in a pipe, check this YouTube out: http://bit.ly/BurstWaterPipe )

Town Water and Sewer manager Greg Gress offers a few tips to avoid these disasters:

When the temperature outside is predicted to fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than four hours:

• Allow a couple of faucets to run slightly,starting before you go to bed.

• Remove hoses from outside faucets and be sure they are drained and shut off.

• Know how and where to turn off your water in case of an emergency.


If you go out of town when we might have freezing weather:

·Turn off your water at your main valve at the house or located near the meter, BUT be sure to also…

·Turn off your water heater at the electric breaker panel.

·Open a couple of faucets in the house to allow water sitting in the pipes to expand should it freeze.





Also State laws.

As is the case in lots of other congenial residential settings, golf carts have become a very popular, energy-efficient means of getting around our Island while enjoying fresh air and easy personal connectivity with neighbors.  But the casual feeling of these vehicles designed for the pastoral grounds of a golf course can convey a false sense of safety.


Please remember that golf carts now share our roads with the cars and trucks for which those roads were built, and that golf carts offer essentially no protection from impact with these other vehicles.  And while all parents are very conscientious about buckling up their charges in a car or SUV, remember that an unsecured child or infant in a golf cart is much more vulnerable in a collision with motor vehicles, not to mention the risk of falling out of the cart.


Chief of Police Danny Howard reminds us thatSouth Carolina state law has some very specific regulations about golf carts thatapply to all of us in the state. (If you want to read it: http://bit.ly/SCGolfCartLaws)


Here’s one significant provision of this state law:  Anyone operating a permitted golf cart must be at least sixteen years of age and hold a valid driver's license.  The operator of a permitted golf cart operated on a highway or street must have in his or her possession: the registration certificate issued by the SCDMV, proof of liability insurance for the golf cart, and his or her driver's license.

Again, that is a State law.  No one wants to be a Grinch about these leisure vehicles, but we all want each other to be safe.



This year the first night of Hanukkah falls on the evening of December 24, so we really can say in one breath:



See you around the Island! 

Pat O’Neil

(843) 670 9266



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