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The Town endeavors, with this webpage, to facilitate news about the Charleston County School District's current project to construct a new Sullivan's Island Elementary School on the Island. Please note that the new SIES is not a Town project.  For the most accurate updates on the status of the project, the Town encourages you to navigate to CCSD official project sites.

Click Here for All Project Information(CCSD/Consultant link)

May/June 2012: Old SIES site is currently under demolition - should be completed by late June/July.


Aerial View Northeast of new SIES showing playground area

Aerial view northeast showing playground area (3/15/2012)


(Revised April 11, 2012)

View new SIES from I'On Avenue (Revised 4/11/2012)

Below: Renderings of New SIES (dated March 13, 2012)

Displayed at March 15, 2012 CCSD Community Workshop

                                         Front Aerial View new SIES (03-07-2012)                I'On Avenue View new SIES (03-07-2012)

                                                 Front View new SIES         I'On Avenue View

Aerial View Northwest of new SIES (3-13-2012)    Aerial View Northeast new SIES (3-13-2012)    View Looking Northeast Angle #1 new SIES (3-13-2012)  View Looking Northeast Angle #2 new SIES (3-13-2012)

Aerial Northwest                            Aerial Northeast                   Northeast View #1                     Northeast View #2
More Views from I'On Avenue(3/21/2012)

                      View of new SIES from I'On Avenue with Battery Thompson in foreground (3/21/2012)                                 View new SIES from I'On Avenue Battery Gadsden foreground (3/21/2012)

New SIES from I'On Ave with Battery Thompson (foreground)        New SIES from I'On Avenue with Battery Gadsden (foreground)


Data & Reports

Sullivan's Island School Proposed Water Main Evaluation Technical Memorandum by HDR (Click to View)


Community Meetings & Forums

Previous CCSD Community Workshops/Meetings:

September 5, 2012 (6PM): Town Hall, 2050-B Middle Street 

Special Council Meeting regarding SIES (Click for Agenda)

Council passes resolution to reaffirm its commitment to new SIES (Click for Resolution)


March 15, 2012 (6-8PM):  Workshop at Sunrise Presbyterian Church

February & March 2012: Weekly Worskshops, Building & Construction Committee of Council & CCSD

(Click here for Committee schedule)

January 19, 2012 (6-8PM):  Workshop at Sunrise Presbyterian Church

October 4, 2011 at 7PM:  Workshop held at SIES PTA Meeting (Old Whiteside Elementary School)

September 22, 2011 (5-8PM):  Workshop at Sunrise Presbyterian Church, Sullivan's Island

    Read Citizen Feedback received by CCSD at September 22, 2011 Meeting (Click below):

Many thanks to all the residents who came to the CCSD Workshops on September 22, 2011 (at Sunrise Presbyterian Church) and October 4, 2011 (SIES PTA Meeting).

CCSD will hold additional workshops in the near future - date/time to be announced


On October 18, 2011, Town Council ratified Ord 2011-5:  Town's land lease with CCSD for SIES (Click Here to read Ord 2011-5).     

Click Here for Full Project Information(CCSD/Consultant link)

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