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Town of Sullivan's Island 

 Town Comprehensive Plans 

The SC Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994 (SC 6-29) requires all municipalities establish a long-range strategic Comprehensive Plan, regularly updated and incorporating planning elements as prescribed by the SC legislature.  Current SC legislative guidelines require, at minimum, an update of the entire Plan every ten (10) years with an interim review of the Land Use Element and any/all of other Plan elements, every five (5) years.

The Town's process for review and adoption of Comprehensive Plans

1. Planning Commission conducts studies and recommendations to Council.  All Planning Commission meetings are open to the public; however, the Commission must hold at least one public hearing prior to recommending a Comprehensive Plan change to Council.

2.  Council will receive Planning Commission recommendations. Council, as the legislative body for Sullivan's Island, may elect to review, adopt, reject or remand back to the Planning Commission any or all of the Commission's recommendations.    Council must adopt any changes to the Comprehensive Plan through ordinance process.

Town Council has ratified two (2) Comprehensive Plans, to date:

Comprehensive Plan - Interim Review

Timeline of Planning Commission Review (Click)
Planning Commission Recommends Plan (Resolution-Click)
Planning Commission Report to Council through Land Use & Natural Resources Committee (Click)

Council Review & Committee Recommendations
Water & Sewer Committee Recommendations to Council (Click)

Council Public Hearing at 6:00PM on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 (Agenda- Click) (Notice-Click)
Documents for review at Special Council Meeting/Public Hearing

DRAFT 2008 Comprehensive Plan with Proposed 2013-2014 Amendments (Click)
Ordinance 2014-5 (DRAFT) to Adopt Amended 2008 Comprehensive Plan 
with Appendix A/Ord 2014-5: Summary of Proposed Amendments (Click)

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