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Is Your Property in a Flood Hazard Area?

Flood hazard areas are areas located within the 100-year floodplain, which are defined as any area that has a one (1%) percent chance of flooding in any given year.  Smaller scale floods (50-year and 10-year) have a greater chance of occurring in any year and can pose a significant flood hazard to people and property close to the ocean, sound, drainage channels and streams.  Floods larger than the 100-year event can also occur.  You should become informed as to the flood hazard potential for your property.  You may contact the Building Department at (843)883-5731 (Joe Henderson) for assistance with map determinations and to obtain GIS data for specific properties.

Any information provided by the Town does not constitute an assurance or representation that flooding may or may not occur on your property during any given occurrence, but should generally assist you in determining the need for, and cost of, insurance, and in assessing the extent of flooding potential on your property.  

We invite you to explore the information Town Staff have compiled on flood plain management by clicking on the tabs below.  Meanwhile, if you have specific questions, please contact the following Town Staff members at Town Hall:

Randy Robinson, Building Official/CFM Floodplain Manager    Joe Henderson, Zoning Administrator/CFM
Direct: (843) 883-5732                                              Direct:  (843) 883-5731

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