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Emergency Evacuation

If an evacuation is imminent, it is an excellent idea to leave as early as possible.  If you were in the traffic jam during the Hurricane Floyd evacuation, you will appreciate this suggestion.  Sullivan's Island Police and Fire Departments will provide assistance to elderly or disabled persons.  If you talk to any of the people who did not evacuate for Hurricane Hugo (1989), these people will tell you they will never do it again.

Be smart, be safe and leave.  If you choose to not leave, please contact the Police or Fire Department at (843) 883-3198 and leave the name of your next of kin or an off-Island contact person as the Town may need to contact them in case of an emergency.

It may be some time before an emergency respond group can reach you and provide assistance, depending upon the type and scale of the emergency.  You can be better prepared by doing the following:

1.  Town Disaster Preparedness Packet: available on Town's website (click/pdf) or pick-up a hard copy from Town Hall (2050-B Middle Street).  Click Here - Other Emergency Preparedness Resources

2.  Prepare an emergency kit.  It should include first aid supplies, flashlight, duct tape for sealing cracks, battery operated radio, spare batteries, candles, matches, blankets, extra clothing, prescription medicine, bottled water, ready-to-eat food, pet food and other necessary items.  Check the kit every six (6) months to make sure the contents are available and fresh.

3.  Learn CPR and first aid.

4. Create and practice an emergency plan for your family.

5. Select a place where family members can meet if they become separated during an emergency.


We invite you to explore the information Town Staff have compiled on flood plain management by clicking on the tabs below.  Meanwhile, if you have specific questions, please contact the following Town Staff members at Town Hall:

Randy Robinson, Building Official/CFM Floodplain Manager    Joe Henderson, Zoning Administrator/CFM
Direct: (843) 883-5732                                              Direct:  (843) 883-5731

                        Local Flood Hazards


                   Flood Plain Management Maps & Links       

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