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June 1, 2018

Seeking Interested Residents to Serve on Town  Boards/Commissions

The Town is currently recruiting residents interested in serving on a 
Town Board or Commission for the following seats expiring September 2018:

BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS (BZA): Five (5) seats for 3-year terms ending September 2021

DESIGN REVIEW BOARD (DRB): Three (3) seats for 3-year terms ending September 2021

MUNICIPAL ELECTION COMMISSION (MEC): One (1) seat for 6-year term ending September 2024

TREE COMMISSION:  Two (2) seats for 3-year terms ending September 2021

Submit application packages by/before 5:00PM on Thursday, August 16, 2018


Lisa Darrow (ldarrow@sullivansisland-sc.com) or (843) 883-5744 
at Town Hall (2056 Middle Street/P.O. Box 427) 
or Administrator Andy Benke (abenke@sullivansisland-sc.com) 



The Town has a number of regular advisory boards and commissions comprised of Island residents.  From time to time Council may also establish ad-hoc committees.  These ad-hoc committees are advisory groups that are temporary in nature and assigned a specific scope of responsibility by Council.


Current Town advisory boards and commissions include: 

Planning Commission 

State mandated & permanent;  7 members with 3 year staggered terms 

Planning Commission Background Information (Click)


Board of Zoning Appeals  

State mandated & permanent; 7 members with 3 year staggered terms    

Board of Zoning Appeals Background Information (Click)


Design Review Board      

Council established & permanent; 7 members with 3 year staggered terms 

Design Review Board Background Information (Click)

Tree Commission -            

Council established & permanent;  5 members with 3 year staggered terms 

Tree Commission Background Information (Click)

Municipal Elections & Election Commission

Council established & permanent; 3 members with 6 year staggered terms

Election Commission Background Information 

Election Commission Duties - Town Code  (Click)

Municipal Elections - 2010 MASC Handbook (Click)



Beach Erosion Advisory Committee  (circa 2009)
9 members (1 Council and 8 residents)
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