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Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Town Hall/Police Station (June 16, 2015)

New Town Hall-Police Station Rendering (final)

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In the Summer of 2013, the Town retained Creech & Associates Architectural Design to provide architectural services: a new Town Hall/Police Station to be located on Middle Street, adjacent to the Fire Station (2050 Middle Street) and Marshall J. Stith Park (aka Sullivan's Island Park).  The project will include improvements to Stith Park. 

This webpage strives to provide current and helpful project information and opportunities for community engagement on the project.  Your ideas, opinions and comments are needed and welcomed as the consultant and Town work through the design process.  Thank you for sharing your voice in building your Town Hall. 




(August 2015)


August 2015:  Contractors begin pouring concrete the weeks of August 10th, 17th & 24th. Trucks may arrive as early as 5:00PM.  Public is encouraged to report any concerns to Town Hall.


July 2015:  Construction fencing erected and parking lot site closed as of July 6, 2015.  Town Hall and Police Station remain in current trailers.  Visitor parking is available along Station 20 1/2 Street and Middle Street, marked parking spaces on Station 20 1/2 and handicap visitor parking immediately adjacent to the existing handicap ramp.  J. Marshall Stith Park remains open and amenities available to the public.  Parking lot demolition completed and site prep continues.

June 2015: Town groundbreaking ceremony June 16, 2015 (Click)

2013:  Town selected a Contract Manager at Risk (CM at Risk) to work closely with the design architects (Creech & Associates) through the latter phases of the design process.  This initiative will provide the residents and Town Council with important construction pricing and options to aid in the final design of the new facilities, construction specifications and smoothly transition from design to construction phase of project. 



Town sought public input in many ways

 SURVEYS: We Want Your Opinion! 

Town Hall Project Comment Card
Please share your comments, ideas and suggestions!

Consultants are collecting and reviewing information one of three ways:

1. EMAIL:  sithproject@sullivansisland-sc.com

3.  ATTEND COMMUNITY MEETINGS:  October/November 2nd Meeting

* Return comment card by (1) scanning/emailing sith@sullivansisland-sc.com, (2) dropping off at Town Hall, 2050-B Middle Street with Asst. to Administrator Darrow (883-5744) or (3) mailing to Town Hall (PO  Box 427, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482, ATTN:  Lisa Darrow)





Community Meetings

Community Workshop #2
(6:00PM) Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Venue: Church of the Holy Cross Episcopal, 2520 Middle Street (Click-directions)
Thank you for your participation

CLICK HERE - Creech Association Meeting Presentation (pdf)


Community Workshop #1 - Design Process
(6:00PM) Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Venue: Church of the Holy Cross Episcopal, 2520 Middle Street 

Click Here:  Audio Recording (mp3) of Meeting* (Link)
*Use Google Chrome Browser and click on meeting date/title

TOSI New Town Hall Public Workshop 1 (09102013)
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Click: Download/Print without animation (pdf)



(1998 – 2014) Consideration for a different facility for Town Hall and Police Station has been a part of the Town’s strategic plan for over 15 years (Sullivan's Island Comprehensive Plan, Government/Community Facilities Section (pg 38, 1998 approved; page 73, 2008 approved; pg 79, 2008 Five Year Update approved 2014)

(2010) Environmental concerns at Town Hall/Police Station facility (1610 Middle Street) warranted an environmental study of facilities.  Report showed environmental hazards for staff and patrons:  elevated mold and mildew levels, rodent infestation & inadequate HVAC system (contributory).  Diagnosis: Sick Building Syndrome

(2010)Council elevates plans to address Town Hall/Police Station to top of project priority list.  Begins reviewing options, cost factors, temporary Town Hall option.

(2011) Increased incidents of employee illness and malaise warrants Council to move employees into temporary Town Hall/Police Station.  

(June 2011)  After reviewing multiple options, Council moves employees into two temporary trailers at the Town campus adjacent to Water & Sewer Building and Fire Station (2050 Middle Street).

(Summer 2011) Council determines space needs study is first step in decision making process for a permanent Town Hall/Police Station.

June-July 2011:  RFQ for Architectural Program Analysis (Needs Space Study) issued. Deadline for replies: July 13, 2011 (9 firms submitted packets).

August 2011: Creech & Associates Design selected as architect consultant

(Fall 2011) Creech Design conducts Needs Study.  Draft findings flow to Town in December 14, 2011.

(2012) Town continues to work with Creech  Design to refine Space needs study and site options with the goals of reducing space needs and costs through shared spaces and finding efficiencies; reports to Council through the Real Estate Committee.

(July 17, 2012) Draft Space Needs Study presented to Council by Creech Design.

(August 2012) Employee survey of needs study and site options conducted.

(September 11, 2012)  Community Meeting to Review/Discuss Town Hall Options

Space Needs and Site Study findings presented by Creech Design

Employee survey findings presented.

Residents asked to complete survey (September 12– 28, 2012

(September 2012 – January 2013) Council and ad hoc Building Committee of Council reviewed consultant and public feedback.

(2013)Council moves forward with new Town Hall/Police Station construction on municipal campus located adjacent to Fire Station (2050 Middle Street) and Marshall J. Stith Park (aka Sullivan's Island Park).  Project moves to the Public Facilities Committee of Council from Land Use & Natural Resources Committee (f/k/a Real Estate Committee).

March-April 2013: RFQ for Design &Architectural Services, New Town Hall/Police Station.  Deadline for replies: April 8, 2013 (7 firms submitted packets)

Field of 7 reduced to 3 firms for interviews on April 12, 2013 (Special Council)

Creech Design & Associates selected as architectural firm

(Summer 2013) Creech Design background field work and site review to prepare for design phase.

(September 10, 2013)  Community Meeting #1 to Launch Design Phase of New Town Hall

(November 12, 2013)  Community Meeting #2, Design Phase of New Town Hall  

(Fall 2013 -present)  Council elects to bring a Construction Management at Risk firm to the project to assist with

construction expertise and design specifications for the project. 

* Construction Manager at Risk RFQ advertised October 23 - November 12, 2013

*  Six (6) candidates submitted proposals by November 12, 2013

*  Hill Construction awarded CM at Risk contract

Current status (August 2014):  Design phase continues.  Creech & Associates and Hill Construction continue work

with Town Staff to align construction cost estimates to design options before third community meeting/workshop.

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