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Protected Land Management 

The Sullivan's Island Protected Land (also known as the Accreted Land), incorporates over 100 acres of beachfront property under Town stewardship and management. The beach front area is zoned recreation conservation space and, as such, allows for public recreation use (no business activity authorized).  The Protected Land includes soil that has built up (or accreted) on the beach for many decades, being a combination of beach, dunes and a portion being a nascent maritime forest.   

Management Planning and Policy Development


Update (3/22/2016):  Draft Transition Zone Plan moved to OCRM/DHEC for legal review and feedback.

Council began meeting in special session specifically to review and discuss progress with the management of the Protected Land (aka Accreted Land Management Plan).  Please click each meeting date to view agenda/information:

1st:  (5:00PM-7:00PM) Thursday, October 29, 2015 Special Council Meeting

Summary: Overview of current status for Accreted Land Management Plan; Council received a number of public comments.  (Meeting Minutes - Click)

2nd:  (5:00PM) Monday, November 23, 2015 Special Council Meeting

Summary:  Council received information from Drake Carroll of the SC Forestry Commission regarding the Accreted Land.  (Meeting Minutes - Click)

3rd:  (5:00PM-7:00PM)  Monday, November 30, 2015 Special Council Meeting

Summary: Council workshop to review the Accreted Land tree inventory and survey results; discussion focused on transition zones.  (Meeting Minutes-Click)

*  While not listed on the meeting agenda, Council member Middaugh introduced a Transition Zone Proposal at this meeting.  Council did not take action to adopt the Proposal, but will include it in further consideration of the Protected Land Management Plan, specifically relating to Transition Zones. 

*Click Here:  Councilmember Middaugh Proposal for Transition Zone (11/30/2015)

4th:  (5:00PM-7:00PM) Monday,  January 25, 2016 Special Council Meeting

Summary:  Council continued development of policy for transition zone activity within the Protected/Accreted Land. Council reviewed two policy options:  Council member Middaugh's proposal, introduced at the November 30, 2016 Special Council meeting, and Council member Clark's proposal, introduced this evening. (Meeting Minutes - Click)

Click Here:  Councilmember Clark Proposal for Transition Zone  (introduced 1/25/2016)

5th:  (5:00PM-7:00PM) Thursday,  February 25, 2016 Special Council Meeting

Summary:  Council continued development of a policy for transition zone dimensions and active management activity with the Protected/Accreted Land.  Council reviewed the policy options introduced by Council member Middaugh and Council member Clark, introduced earlier (above-referenced).  Council reached consensus on transition zone depth and activity.  Please refer to the approved Special Council Minutes (when available) for full details. (Meeting Minutes - Click)

6th:  (5:00PM - 7:00PM) Monday, March 21, 2016 Special Council Meeting

Summary:  Council focused on implementation considerations for the Transition Zone Plan (terms approved by majority of Council at its February 26, 2016  Special meeting; draft Plan document approved to move forward to SCDHEC/OCRM for legal review by Council at its March 15, 2016 Regular meeting).  Implementation topics discussed included methods, financing and staging (see Agenda).  (Meeting Minutes - Click)



**GIS MAP DISCLAIMER:  The maps are for informational purposes only and may not have been prepared for, or be suitable for, legal, engineering or surveying purposes.  Users of the information in the following seven (7) maps should review or consult primary data and/or information sources to ascertain the usability of the information.  

Accreted Land Management Plan: Planning Units 

**All seven (7) maps below (Click)

Overview (All Planning Units) Map (Click)

West Unit 1: Land Measurement (Click)

West Central Unit 2: Land Measurement (Click)

East Central Unit 3:  Land Measurement (Click)

East Central Unit 3A: Land Measurement (Click)

East Central Unit 3B: Land Measurement (Click)

East Planning Unit 4: Land Measurement (Click)


Current version of Protected Land Proposed Strategic Management Plan  

Click Here: Draft Town of Sullivan's Island Protected Land Proposed Strategic Management Plan 

(Version 3A 11/22/2011)


Background Information on Project

The Town is in the process of developing an Accreted Land Management Plan for 90+/-  acres of Town land currently held in perpetual trust.
                                                                The Process
    1.  The process began with a Request for Qualifications for consultant services (Summer 2007);
    2.  The Selection Committee (Council and two Planning Commission members) reviewed the bids, conducted
         finalist  interviews and selected the consultant.  All meetings were open to the public.
    3.  Coastal Science & Environmental (CS&E) Engineers/Sabine were selected to develop the Master Plan (2008).
    4.   CS&E began the field work and analysis necessary to develop a Plan. 
    5.  Consultants provided a draft Plan to the Town that has been checked by the Selection Committee and Staff
          for format and compliance with the RFQ requirements.
    6.   Consultants presented its findings and recommendations for public feedback (August 2, 2009 & December 7, 2009).
    7.   Town Council provided directives and principles for consultant to create final consultant document (December 2009).
     8.   Consultant provided its final study, findings and recommended Plan (2010).
     9.   Town Council began process of creating Town's Proposed Plan for Protected Land, to consider incorporating components
            of Consultant's study findings and recommendations (2010).
     10. Council held walking tours of Accreted/Protected Land zones and special workshops to discuss various zones
            (Spring 2011).
    11.  Council held workshop to synthesize Council input/concensus from Spring 2011 workshops into a Town draft
             Plan   (November 4, 2011).     
 Other Information Regarding The Accreted Land:
Deed Restrictions for Accreted Land - Click Here (pdf)
Accreted Land Management Plan RFQ (2007) - Click Here (pdf)
Proposed Principles for Management of the Town's Accreted Land - Click Here
(Document Approved December 15, 2009 by Council Majority) 

Directions to Consultants for Drafting Sullivan's Island Accreted Land Management Plan -Click Here

(Document Approved December 15, 2009 by Council Majority)

Consultant final recommendations/Draft Plan to Council (July 15, 2010)

*****  *****  *****

Meeting Materials - For Reference 

August 4, 2009 Public Meeting/Forum

August 4, 2009 Meeting Agenda

Consultants' Presentation  

Audio Recording of August 4, 2009 Meeting (QuickTime Needed) 

Questionnaire/Feedback Worksheet (input solicited through Monday, August 24, 2009)


December 7, 2009 Public Meeting/Forum

December 7, 2009 Agenda



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